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Block paved Driveways - Cheshire

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The process of constructing a quality driveway


1. A thorough survey

A detailed inspection of the proposed site of the works is necessary not just to calaculate the size of the project but to assess the nature of the ground, drainage and to consider which materials will be most visually appropriate.

2. Discussion with client

As well as making our recommendations for the most suitable materials - aesthetically as well as structurally - we want to understand your thoughts and requirements.

3. Advice on most suitable materials

Today, more than ever, there is a huge choice of products and materials. First of all we categorize them into the most suitable; certain products are suitable for the wear and load-bearing requirements of vehicular traffic; others are morse suited to paths, patios and leisure areas.

4. Cost and value

You can be sure, whatever the project, we will be the most cost-effective when quality of workmanship and material is taken into consideration. Unfortunately, the paving and tarmacadam business does attract comboys - here today and gone tomorrow - who make no effort to carryout the essential ground preparation work, make provision for adequate drainage or supply adequate quality materials.

You expect a new driveway or patio to last a lifetime - so engage a contractor that will ensure that it does.

5. Workmanship

We deploy the proper machinery and tools; we employ only experienced and diligent operatives. We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations for future business. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets. You can be assured that the job will be carried through diligently and with the required expertise.

6. Materials

Shown opposite and below are examples of range of materials available for driveways, vehicle parking, paths, leisure areas and various types of hard landscaping.

Granite paving.

Granite paving slabs by Marshalls.


Leisure area paving.

Paving for patios and leisure areas.

An example of paving materials by Marshalls.


Driveway paving.

Marshalls "Tegular" -a favourite for driveways.

Driveway paving.

Driveway paving block sets by Bradstone.

Driveway paving.

Antique effect block sets by Bradstone.

Tarmac driveway in Cheshire.

Tarmac by Cheshire Driveways - a G D Paving company.

Imprinted concrete path in Cheshire.

Imprinted concrete paths in Chester, Cheshire.